• PLAY - Let’s face it….we’re lucky!! Whether it’s hiking, biking, or just a picnic with family & friends, we all love our wild spaces. No matter how you find joy out there, playing in our parks and trails is a way of life!

  • PROTECT - Best described as ‘how we play’, the PROTECT ideal guides our adventures. Limiting our impact on nature is the name of the game. Adventures are awesome, low-impact adventures are awesome-er! The good people at Leave No Trace are on the front lines of outdoor ethics education. Check them out!

  • PRESERVE - Ah yes, our beloved volunteers. The highest form of adventurer. We play for today, but we preserve for tomorrow. This is the idea that drives us at Public Lands Coffee. Let’s work together and build some collective sweat equity!


delicious, responsibly-sourced coffee

We believe is sustainability….period. Our adventures should be fueled by the industry’s best practices. Our team of coffee roasters go to great lengths to ensure every bag of Public Lands Coffee is sustainably sourced, from crop to cup. Make sure to check out our certified Organic & Fair Trade options.

every purchase supports volunteer teams