The family behind the cause (and the coffee)


Born and raised in Greenville, SC…

We were fortunate to have the Appalachian Trail right out our back door. But as kids, it seemed normal. Don’t get us wrong, we always LOVED the AT, but access to one of America’s greatest gems was largely taken for granted. And at 18, Chris and Amy packed up and left town.

Well, fast forward nearly 20 years later…

A decade of military service, followed by years of living and exploring abroad has changed all that. We learned just how lucky we’d always been, and how lucky our kids are now.

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Inspired by the monumental efforts of the thousands of volunteers, we made a plan to roast a collection of gourmet coffees that directly support non-profits and trail maintenance clubs that do the impactful work.

By getting involved, we also learned about all the funding, advocacy, and volunteer support it takes to maintain the 2000+ miles of the Appalachian Trail. It’s a BIG job!

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